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Hi-Note Screenshot Hi-Note combines the capabilities of an outline program, a notepad program and a drawing program to let you store text and pictures in a hierarchical format. Using a hierarchical structure helps you organize your notes better and makes it easier to find the information you need quickly.

The outline view lets you view your notes in outline form with one line displayed for each note. "Twistdown" arrows let you conceal portions of the outline so you only display as much detail as you want. Rearranging your notes is easy - just drag a note from one location to another with the stylus or use the Sort command to arrange a set of notes in alphabetical order.

The text viewer lets you create large text notes containing up to 28,672 (28K) characters. Like many Palm applications, Hi-Note lets you assign your notes to different viewing "categories." You can mark notes as "private" to prevent unauthorized viewing or mark them "read-only" to prevent unintentional modification of their contents.

The picture viewer is a full-featured paint program which you can use to create pictures up to 800 x 500 pixels in size. It includes:

  • 7 drawing tools
  • Text tool with selectable fonts
  • Selection tool with graphics clipboard (cut/copy/paste/drag)
  • 21 brush shapes
  • 24 paint patterns
  • Undo and Revert functions

Hi-Note includes both import and export functions. The import function copies memos into Hi-Note from the built-in Memo Pad application. The export function allows you to transfer your notes back to the Memo Pad if desired.

If your handheld has an infrared port, you can use it to "beam" text or pictures to another handheld. Hi-Note can beam a single note, a small group of notes or all your notes in one easy step.

Hi-Note is distributed as shareware. You may use this software on a trial basis for 30 days. To continue using it beyond that period, you must pay a registration fee of US$20.

Hi-Note is available in English and Japanese language versions.

Click here to download Hi-Note 2.20 (58K, English)

Click here to download Hi-Note J-2.20 (58K, Japanese)

Click here to register online

What the Reviewers Say

Hi-Note was a 1998 ZDNet Editors' Pick and received a 5-star rating.

The Japanese language version of Hi-Note got 5 stars at Muchy's Palmware Review. Click here to read the review.

Desktop Support for PCs

We are currently developing a desktop version of Hi-Note for Windows users. Click here to download a preview version of Hi-NoteWin (144K).

Lefty Support

To make life simpler for left-handed users, Hi-Note is "Lefty-Savvy." If you're left-handed, you can use the free Lefty application to optimize the displays for left-handed use.

Hi-Note and Hi-NoteWin are trademarks of Cyclos.

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